Check Your Compliance

Our clients often have very strict security requirements, and for good reason! Some of the content we process is highly sensitive and confidential. Their requirement for security from us translates back to you as a contractor. We require you to run operating systems that are still under active or extended support from their respective developers so that security patches can be applied to your system as necessary. An up to date browser is also recommended to make sure that attackers can't take control of your system through an exploit there.

A consistently up-to-date list of acceptable software will always be available on this page and you can download it from here.

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Below you will see a rating on whether you are compliant with our security policies or not. A low score generally, but not always, means that you may get locked out of accessing Scribeway. Make sure you keep it high!

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Your system is not on our supported systems list. You will be immediately locked out if you attempt to access Scribeway.